Monday, April 15, 2013

Prime Minister Bare

Sometimes posts stem from odd places. The origin of this post comes from the death of The Iron Lady. The death last week of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had me doing a bit of reading and research. Although a polarizing figure, she certainly was and interesting political figure, maybe someone better to read about than to actually have governing over you. I was going to give Meryl's portrayal another go, but as much as I love her, I found the movie pretty unwatchable. In reading about the Baroness however, another former British PM's name came up from time to time which had me pull out an old copy of The Queen.

I remember when watching The Queen, I was most interested in the hottie playing Tony Blair. Welsh stage and screen actor Michael Sheen has actually played Blair twice, both in The Queen and in The Deal (2003) It wasn't until putting this post together, that I connected Sheen also played Robbie Ross in Wilde (see below) and remember thinking how cute his little ass was when revealed by Stephen Fry in the 1997 flick.

Sheen is a unique actor able to weave between heroic leading men in movies like Underworld and more character driven roles. He has been in huge hits like The Twilight Saga (which I still cannot sit through), Frost/Nixon and television shows like 30 Rock, yet still seems like an unknown. His chameleon quality has served him well as an actor as he can take on big parts in big movies, yet then play smaller, interesting roles on tv and smaller films. I now have a list of Sheen projects I want to see.

Underworld (2009)

Dirty Filthy Love (2004)

Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa! (2006)

Wilde (1997)

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Anonymous said...

I thought The Iron Lady was so much better than The Queen.