Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Point Of Convergence: Hansel Wellington by JGH Photography

'I’ve been fascinated by the nude figure for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved drawings more than paintings and as a kid I used to trace DaVinci’s and Michelangelo’s sketches with my finger in a big art book my parents had. That’s why I started creating my own art—to see what I could bring to the form and what I could draw out of the models.'

Whenever I profile the work of John from JGH Photography, I am always taken with his proficiency and focus. John's images have a purity and essence I associate with the core of what is to capture the male form. A focus on the body, it's curves and lines, form and shape, face and skin. Using darkness and light as a backdrop and base, the light is used to highlight the particular part of the body or section of skin at the point of convergence.

'The higher the expectations, the better the photographs.'

30 year old Detroit model Hansel Wellington, or Zell for short has a body that looks incredible from any angle John shoots from. Flawless skin and hypnotic brown eyes that sensually draw you in. Although I love a great head of hair, with his buzz cut, there is also a beautiful symmetry of skin, stretching from head to toe highlighted skillfully through each of John's images.

'I've done four shoots with Zell and every time we finish I have more ideas for the next one. I love working with him. He gets genuinely excited about shooting and we play off each other that way. At the same time he's so calm that I'm able to refine my poses and concepts without feeling rushed. Zell has a captivating gaze and I've tried to bring that out in the images. The props I put around him - - - mirrors, beds, sheets ---- are all just ways I used to keep him looking into the viewer's eyes.'

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