Sunday, December 15, 2013

Favorite Five: Joshua Bowman

Everyday FH blends images, story with a dash of celebrity and pop culture. In this new feature, Favorite Five, I am going to attempt to narrow down my top five favorite images of some of my favorite guys to feature. This has already proved difficult as when trying to choose images for actor Joshua Bowman, I already found myself changing my mind several times. Joshua has an a great body and I love his furry chest but his appeal is firmly planted on his lips. His great lips and mouth, his nose and that twinkle in his eye form a magical and sexual intensity that comes through both in images and on screen.

Image above from Doug Inglish

Those lips...

Love this tender moment with Amy Winehouse

With the Revenge guys by Tyler Shields

1 comment:

Daniel Paul said...

OMG, that pic of him in the hoodie showing of the sexy hairy just is the thing wet dreams are made of. He should never ever shave it off!