Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Old School Christmas: Mardi by Chris Teel

Although winter only officially began on Saturday, those of us on the East coast know the snow, wind and ice began weeks ago. Sunday many were pelted with rain, snow, sleet and freezing rain. On the plus side, with the power out for several hours I finally got around to finish packing and wrapping gifts. Given I will also be away for a few days, (if the highway clears) I also finalized my Christmas Day posts for the blog.

Chris Teel was also without power for part of Sunday, Toronto was particularly hard hit by ice and freezing rain. Despite that, Chris was able to dig back into his archives and find this holiday themed shoot with Mardi. Chris's style has changed considerably in the close to five years since this shoot but I still really loved the joy, and sexiness captured in the shoot.

The look and feel of ornaments and decorations has certainly changed over the years. Glass has mostly morphed into plastic, candles are now mini lights, and quality, well made decorations are now built cheaply, made to turf and replace each year. The themes thankfully remain the same. Santa's and candy canes, Angels and lights and of course lots and lots of glitter! Beneath all the glitter however, when the Santa Suit is peeled off and the wings are removed sexy thankfully remains beautifully consistent!

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