Monday, December 16, 2013

The Warwick Rowers: Whoever Cares To Look

The Warwick Rowers calendar and video has become more than an anticipated yearly event, it has become a bit of a phenomenon. Through his imagery, photographer Angus Malcolm has created visuals that tap into something so much have been longing to see. I want to call it 'an innocence' but that would be to simplistic. The Warwick Rowers are not innocent, nor necessarily pure or virginal. I think it is more a question of being untouched, untouched by the industry, the media and vultures who profit from them. They are also very intelligent, most wise, with views on social issues. ahead of much of the world. They are young, but youth is not all they represent.

Angus has not made them to look like anything they are not. So many depictions of the male form in media have all the men look superhuman, muscular Gods whose bodies are not only unrealistic, but very unattainable. The Warwick Rowers are relatable, they are men worthy of admiration, not just because of their bodies but because of their forward thinking and willingness to share their thoughts, and yes their bodies to help others in need.

The new film, Bigger, Longer and Uncut is an incredible film, beautifully depicting what I have discussed above. Angus Malcolm's images and director and film maker Damien Rea's film will give all fans everything they are looking for. The reviews have been extremely positive with fans thrilled for what the artists and rowers have created! Make sure to get your copy at a low price of just £11.99. Pick it up and check out more of the many products available HERE:

The Warwick Rowers: Bigger, Longer & Uncut from Progressive Media on Vimeo.

There are a lot of great looking guys in the video but I was quite taken by Angus's images and shoot with Josh. Love his eyes and how beautiful the images in field and bails of corn look.

A Few Words From Angus:

'We really put a lot into making it our best yet. I wanted to do more than show skin - I wanted to enable people to make an emotional connection with the boys, to understand who they are and why they do this. They're the questions I get asked most often! Of course, I think we do a good job of showing some skin, too, and I think we do it in the best possible way. The boys show they have a healthy relationship with their bodies, with nudity, with being admired by whoever cares to look, and with being naked around each other. And they're also in control - these guys are not being exploited, not selling themselves short, and not being coerced into doing something they don't want to do.'

'There are a lot of messages in there for young LGBT people, and for young people generally who are growing up in a world where evidence suggests sexual enlightenment is too often coming from the twilight world of sadistic, exploitative pornography. I believe the Warwick Rowers are making a radical stance by offering themselves as an alternative to that perspective, by inviting the world to have a look, have fun, and not to feel like anybody did anything wrong in the process.'


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