Saturday, January 5, 2013

We Were On A Break!

I am sort of regretting all my posts over the last several weeks declaring my love for snow. Whenever a celebrity chooses to publicly bestows their love for another by jumping on couches or announcing how happy they are on the cover of People Magazine, you know they are just setting themselves up for a fall.

I have fallen... After having to shovel about a half a dozen times the last couple of days and literally falling on my ass in the grocery store parking lot this afternoon I am officially on a break from the white stuff! I am sure, given the depth of my love for the stuff, it will not last long, but for now I am off the powder!


Anonymous said...

I wish we could switch weather. It's going to be 70 degrees where I live Tuesday. Winter came and went over the course of a few weeks. It won't be long till I'm melting here.


Just Me... said...

I just luv this post...I miss the snow I live in PR now always to hot not even the hint of cold weather,but i remember those day just wanting to break up with the soon before it broke me on a fall...enjoy one day you may have to leave it all it or not