Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kudos to Jennifer Garner

I had sort of mixed emotions while watching Dallas Buyer's Club. While I really liked, and appreciated the film, I was not really sure there was much new or original added to the story. What made the film so compelling was not the story as much as the characters. Each actor so very beautifully committed to, and inhabited each of the main roles. Matthew McConaughey was incredible and Jared Leto put in a beautiful performance. Unfortunately, to me, all of the hype and critical praise, especially for Leto, sucked a bit of magic out of the performances. Not the actors fault of course, but so much has been said and written that I went in with expectations that could never truly be met. I had almost no expectations watching McConaughey in Mud and The Paper Boy and found him far more compelling in both of these films.

My experience has always been that most viewers connect with certain characters early in a film or television show and view the story through their eyes. With Dallas Buyer's Club this character was Dr. Eve Saks so wonderfully played by Jennifer Garner. It was through her eyes I connected with McConaughey's Ron and Leto's Rayon. I have always enjoyed Garner but have never really given her much respect with regards to her acting. Even when figuratively and literally kicking ass in each episode of Alias, Garner was so effective it was easy to overlook her talent. It was through her beautiful eyes that I truly felt the power of Dallas Buyer's Club. Although I wish McConaughey and Leto much luck at this Sunday's Golden Globes, it was the sadly not nominated Garner who made the film for me.

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Bobby F. said...

I thought Jennifer was the best actor in the film!