Wednesday, January 22, 2014


'It's people who've sacrificed their livelihoods, it's people who've sacrificed their parents' finances and health and sometimes even marriages to get that one chance at glory. As an athlete who's lived it, I could never turn my face to that. While equality is necessary all over the world, the Olympics is not the place for me to make a stand.'
Johnny Wier

I don't agree entirely with Wier's words, but I do respect them. It boggles my mind sometimes how we expect everyone in the world to understand our feelings, our rights and stands on issues, but struggle to even attempt to understand theirs. I am not talking Russia, I am talking Weir. I played hockey, baseball and basketball but would never think I could understand the sacrifices professionals athletes have had to make, and from such an early age. I somehow think if Weir were not so out there and looked and acted more like someone more accepted in the mainstream like a Matt Bomer, he would not be getting so much flack. Weir is not my cup of tea, I don't think his theatrics helped him professionally, but he does make some good points. If gay people stopped going places we were not welcomed or wanted we wouldn't have that many places to visit. We certainly wouldn't have headed to Salt Lake City for the 2002 Olympics, nor if we listened to Weir's detractors, would we even go there today?


Bobby F. said...

He and Thomas Roberts repulse me. I used to respect Johnny Weir, not any longer.

TyeBriggs said...

I have come to learn respect is not always required when agreeing with something someone says.

Anonymous said...

I like Johnny Weir. He doesn't pretend to be anything he's not. Many people would like him to tone it down but that's not the way he wants to live. If being flamboyant is what makes him happy than let the boy be flamboyant.