Friday, May 9, 2014

Good-Bye Brother


Last night marked the finale of the second season of Big Brother Canada. It has been a pretty great season eye candy wise, although Kenny left far too soon... Canadians are known for being nice and unlike on BBUS, the house guests on the Canadian version play hard, but generally don't go for the cruelty to the same level and degree. There was generally an I love you or an I'm sorry eh accompanying the knife's being stuck in others backs.

Above: A bit more of Trevor Boris, whose Marcia the Moose was far too scarce this season.

This may make for less drama, but the people behind the show make up for it by keeping those in the house busy with interesting tasks and challenges. I for one am tired of cruelty on tv. Good game play, backstabbing and insults are ok, but Evil Dick had me switching off my tv with his televised cruelty of some of the women in the house his season. Producers of the US version could learn a thing or two from their Northern counterpart on keeping the house guests on their toes. Although I am happy for Jon's win, there was a small part of me hoping Sabrina might pull of shocker. Alas, second will have to do for the one surviving memeber of the First 5. Here is a little look back on season 2 of Big Brother Canada.


Season 2 winner Jon

Adel and clothing optional Arlie

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