Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Let me begin by saying I loved Michael Muhney as Adam. I believe he elevated the acting level on his show with his commitment to character and he brought out the best in the actors around him. Even those with far less skill were elevated in scenes with him, including the thespian challenged Eric Braeden. Braeden is a robotic actor capable of whispering and yelling, he also seems to view each scene as a competition, speaking over, and louder than his co-stars in order to seem in control. Muhney would have none of that! I have no idea why Muhney was fired, I also don't especially care. There have been tons of rumours, but no official facts which tells me the story is most likely far different than studio's spin. Losing an actor of his caliber requires a good reason, and the spin certainly has created one, real or not.

The Young & The Restless has been struggling with casting the past few years, big talent has fled, many to General Hospital and superb actors like Beth Maitland and Christian Leblanc are used as filler instead of driving story. The recent recast of Billy with Burgess Jenkins was a step in the right direction and although I wish they had found a way for Muhney to return, I was pleasant surprised with the choice of Justin Hartley as the new Adam. Hartley's television past (a hero on Smallville, a doctor on Emily Owens & gay playboy on Revenge, certainly have given him the experience required to take on one of daytime's most challenging role. Although I have been enjoying 'the hand' currently playing Adam, it will be nice to have it joined again to an arm and torso, especially one as talented, and sexy as Justin Hartley's.

Above: Justin by Tom Cullis

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Anonymous said...

I loved him on Passions. I might actually start watching Y&R just to see him on there. He's also dating Chrishell Stause who is on Days of Our Lives. They make a beautiful couple.