Sunday, August 24, 2014

Memorable: Jon-Erik Hexum

Actor Jon-Erik Hexum never won an EMMY, but his face and body, his work is more memorable than many who have. A short career, just under three years, 2 series, Voyagers & Cover-up, two movies, Making Of A Male Model & The Bear, and a guest stint on the TV show Hotel. Although there are a lot of actors and celebrities who become iconic after they die, especially young, most were movie stars and singers. Elvis, Marilyn and James Dean all remain pop culture icons long after their deaths. This doesn't happen as oven with stars of the small screen.

Lucille Ball, Carroll O'Conner, Larry Hagman and many many others have become television icons, but most of them died after turning 60. It is rare for an actor, especially one with such a short career, to leave the impact Hexum did. Maybe it was because his life was so short, his looks so incredible, his potential so unfathomably huge. There are many incredible talented and great looking men who have graced our TV screens, but Jon-Erik Hexum was arguably one the hottest man ever on television.

I was only six or seven when Hexum hit the air waves, and only eight when his life ended so abruptly and violently with the accidental shooting on the set of Cover-up. I do however remember Hexum in newspapers and magazines throughout the late eighties and been drawn to his incredible face, beautiful eyes and that head of hair. Hexum had an incredible body, a hairy chest to kill for and the actor new how to use it perfectly on film and in images. Hexum seemed to enjoy the attention his looks garnered, at least in the beginning, and used it to his full advantage in 1983's Making Of A Male Model.

I have featured images, and stories of Jon many times on FH, any site devoted to the male form would be amiss if they didn't. Tonight, as this seasons best and brightest on television take the stage, I thought there was no better time to again pay tribute to Jon-Erik. Back in 2012, a Ferrariboy shared his brief, but memorable encounter with Jon, shortly before his death. If you have not read it, be sure to check it out HERE:

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