Sunday, November 23, 2014


Back in September when the new falls began their season premiere's. I predicted that The Flash was going to be one of the seasons hunkiest hours of television. Led by the shows lead, Grant Gustin the show has certainly lived up the title with a cast loaded with some of the hottest men from TV, including guest appearances by Arrow's Stephen Amell.

The past two episodes have really pulled out all the stops with addition of actor Greg Finley as Tony/Girder. I was not familiar with Greg's work, but he certainly made an impression and more than held his own battling Gustin's flash. Greg calls Grant the shows leader and was one of the nicest actors he has worked with. Girder has only been slotted for 2 episodes thus far, but I am thinking with the impact Greg made with the character, they will be bringing him back in a flash.

'Yes! And when we were shooting it, you kind of knew it was going to be pretty cool. We worked hard on the episode. The stunts and those action scenes, we worked really late nights. Sometimes you just know when it's going to be pretty badass and I can assure you this episode is going to be very badass, for sure'

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