Friday, December 5, 2014

12 Days: Corey Sevier in The Tree That Saved Christmas

#9 Corey Sevier

The Tree That Saved Christmas (The Christmas Tree Farm) was a great flick to have in the background as I tried to organise (the quit) my filing cabinet. Party Of Five and Mean Girls Lacey Chabert goes home to her family's Christmas tree farm to try to save her home, and the farm from being taken from the bank for development.

The Bank, or the bankers son in this case was played by actor Corey Sevier. So many Christmas movies are shot in Canada, for tax reasons, and because you often find plenty of snow whenever filming takes place. Given the local, there is a bit of a pattern of centering Christmas flicks around American actress's, then filling in the male lead and supporting cast with local Canadian actors. This is certainly the case with BC based Tree That Saved Christmas.

Although he has been acting since he was a kid, I think I first became aware of Corey Sevier when he was about 20 appearing on North Shore back in 2004. Many of you might be familiar with Corey, and his incredible chest and stomach, from appearances on Smallville, CSI, Psych, Supernatural and The Best Years.

Corey currently co-stars on the Andie MacDowell series Cedar Cove, another series shot in British Columbia. Every time I see a commercial for Cedar Cove I think I should give it a shot, and maybe Corey's arrival might have me finally checking out an episode.

Above: Corey by Ainsley Rose

Corey in Psych 


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