Monday, February 2, 2015

Just Because: Fumble

I don't follow football but do love basketball and especially hockey and understand what it's like to get wrapped up in a sporting event, or any event for that matter. Yesterday, there were endless little digs about the game, the sport, and so many who'claimed' sarcastically not have even known it was Super Bowl Sunday.. Straight guys don't usually spend the day of the Oscar's or the Tony's posting sarcastic twitter or facebook comments about the event or claiming not to know it is Tony or Academy Award day. I believe the reason they don't do this because most actually don't know it is an award show day and more importantly, don't really care. Why is it then that we seem to care so much about an event that we feel the need to deflate it... (sorry pun unavoidable)

Maybe it is natural and stems from the pain that many of us experienced at one time or another, that feeling of being on the outside, of feeling left out. The Super Bowl is in many ways a traditional big ole symbol of heterosexuality. Michael Sam aside, football remains pointedly gay unfriendly with images and stories featuring angry gruff faces and testosterone driven violence that is sometimes difficult to get one's head around. I guess kind of like how some might feel about Hugh Jackman bouncing around Radio City Music Hall and the obsession with Red Carpet Fashion. Sort of comes down to respecting differences, something so many of us dismiss when we think of just the right zinger to update our status with.

The Super Bowl has become this odd fusion of cultures, America's sport scheduled in between's Pop and Broadway stars belting out the National anthem and in the last few years, many of the Queens of Pop Music doing the half time show. I kind of think the Super Bowl should return to having classic rock stars providing half time entertainment. Putting Katy Perry, Madonna or Beyonce in at half time is sort of like having Kirk Cameron as keynote speaker for a GBLT film festival... sort of begs to be mocked, anyone with a keyboard would be remiss not to weave Growing & Pains into some sort of lymerick.

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Anonymous said...

I love football and I love Broadway. I can get excited about The Tony's and I can get just as excited about the Super Bowl. I hate when people dismiss something just because they think it's too gay or too macho. Just enjoy what you like and who cares what other's think.