Sunday, March 1, 2015

12 Inch: Robbie Franco by Wim de Roo

Nothing says retro like 12 inches, especially if the 12 inches are describing a television screen. Back when I was about 13 or 14, the first, and only television I could afford for my bedroom was a 12 inch. I remember we had one in the kitchen, mostly so my mother could watch Another World as she cooked supper. I would sneak it into my room at night, but it always pissed my mother off when she got up the next morning. Eventually, I bought my own.

I love how Wim de Roo kept the tv set clearly visible in each image from this series, it is almost as if the television screen becomes the voyeuristic set of yes eyes that allow us to peek in on model Robbie Franco in his motel room. As always, Wim sets just the right mood with his lighting and his visuals. With the ashtray, the old push button phone, the alarm clock, metal bed and head board and the crucifix Wim sets the time many decades ago.

Although the story is ours to create, my vision is Robbie is on a day pass from the navy. He has rented the room for an erotic liaison but the person he was expecting, never shows. As the night goes on, the ashtray fill as the rum bottle empties. As the night goes forward, Robbie decides not to waste the room, or these valuable few moments of freedom and alone time.

Wim de Roo can set a scene, and Barcelona based model Robbie Franco knows how to make the most of it. I have featured Robbie's work before on FH and he always seems to find the right note to match, and blend in with the theme and vision of the photographers he works with. Five years into modeling, Robbie is happy with his accomplishments and the relationships he has forged with the photographers he has worked with, this is second shoot with Wim de Roo.

Although now living in Spain, Robbie is thinking of moving back to London where he shot with photographers Graham Martin, Haringman +, Andrew Bowman, Fabrice Rizzato, Leigh Carter, Neuf Neuf, Karl Royce and Gary Holmes. In addition to the upcoming shoots he has set up, Robbie hopes to come over to The US and Canada and meet and shoot with artists he as admired from afar.

'Wim De Roo is a retro/vintage inspired photographer from Rotterdam and to me, he is a great photographer with a big imagination. He has a big studio in the center of Rotterdam with different settings ( like small film sets) For me was a different way of working, normally I use to pose and that's all , but Wim like to tell a story.'

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