Saturday, March 14, 2015

Gentle Charm: DanielC by BPetersonPhotos

'Danny is the perfect model, he's sexy and beautiful, but very humble and appreciative of the chance to be in front of the camera. I'm a sucker for great eyes, and Danny's are beautiful. He’s truly one of my favorite models, and one of the sweetest guys I know.'

From the first second I laid eyes on Seattle photographer Barry Peterson's work with DanielC, I knew I wanted to feature him on FH. Daniel has such an amazing look, full of both beauty and contrast. I love his incredible skin, smooth and flawless. I also love the contrast between Daniel's silky skin with tats, black hair and brown eyes. Those brown eyes, along with his grin, and little smirk create great visuals that were all captured perfectly through the lens of BPetersonPhotos.

Barry initially connected with Daniel through Model Mayhem and after the usual back and forth, they met for coffee to discuss doing a shoot. Barry liked Daniel right away. A family man, Daniel clearly adores his wife and kids. Also, despite multiple combat tours, which included being injured by a bomb blast, Barry found Daniel to be incredibly sweet with gentle charm he felt instantly.

Barry knew he wanted to capture that charm, not to mention those gorgeous brown eyes. On their first shoot, they did mostly sporty and underwear shots. Danny didn't want to do full nudes until he had exited the military. Barry did however notice, that during the shoot, the less clothing he had on, the more lively he was in front of the camera.

Given you can clearly see I have included some full nudes in this piece, there was another shoot, after Daniel had left the service. Although initially a bit nervous, Daniel and Barry worked slowly, and Barry let Daniel set the pace. It obviously worked as Daniel looks relaxed and completely at ease.

'Working with Barry was wonderful, he captured every part of me, from every angle. I never thought I would be someone who would be appealing to others. I love his work but never thought that the pictures would make me look as good as the final images turned out.'

'The mirrors are kind of a "see it and steal it" from Greg Gorman, I have three prints from a shoot he did with Christopher Atkins in which he incorporated mirrors. I liked the idea, so I started experimenting with it. I always have mirrors in the studio, so the models can use them as they're posing and I'm still figuring out focal points and angles.'

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