Thursday, March 26, 2015

Old School: Marius by Danny Barson

'When you are working with someone who brings as much as Marius does to a shoot, it means I can concentrate on the pictures taken without worrying about the need to direct.'

Last November, when first enjoying photographer Danny Barson's images of Callum, I knew I there was something special about both the model and the Mansfield, England artist's work with him. FH clearly viewers felt the same way as that piece, Irresistible, was one of the most visited posts from last autumn. I had that same feeling when I first saw one of Danny's images of the equally irresistible Marius.

21 year old Marius hails from Galati in Romania but has living in the UK for the past few years. It was there, through a mutual friend, that he met Danny Barson. Marius got into modeling after a photographer saw some of his photos and asked if he would be interested in a professional shoot. Marius was sure at first, but in the end, decided to give it a shot.

'The shoot went really well and it turned out I had a natural ability to know how to behave in front of the camera, knowing where the light was coming from and positioning myself for the best possible shots. I've been told that I have a talent for recognising what will make a good shot and I have the confidence to suggest ideas to photographers. I've even been able to direct other models to get the most out of them.'

I love Danny's work with Marius, especially the first location, set in an old school. Marius has an magnificent body, especially his piercing brown eyes, great face and incredible torso and stomach. Marius knows how use his body, creating great lines and poses that fit beautifully with the lines and pattern of his surroundings. Marius loves to try out different styles and ideas and says that when it comes to shoots, he is open minded and on board as long as it's both interesting and creative.

'My first shoot with Danny was in a derelict building that had most of the floor missing. I think it had been on fire at some point. It seemed a bit dangerous at times, more for him than for me as he had the camera equipment, but the shots he took were great. The shoot went really quickly with a lot of different ideas from both of us. He knew exactly what sort of pictures he wanted and directed me clearly. We got on well and chatted a lot so I was more than happy when he asked to work with me again.'

Danny also remembers that the burnt out old school, a location that Marius found for their first shoot. 'The burnt out school did bring its own set of problems, like very unstable floors, and was the cause of much hilarity when I nearly fell through!' Danny says that the sitution was made much easier however, given how great Marius was to work with.

'After the shoot at the school, we did a second, more intimate shoot together. Because of the ease of the first shoot, I knew we would get the shots we wanted, without any awkward direction you can sometimes get with an inexperienced model. We will, I am sure, be doing more shoots together in the future.'

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