Thursday, May 21, 2015

Favorite Click Of The Day: Brett Gleason on The Huffington Post

'It took six months to realize we were living different fantasies and another six to admit they were incompatible. Though I'm embarrassed I could have let that happen, I long to be so moved again.'

Brett Gleason shot by Stanley Stellar

It has been over five years since I was first introduced to the music and the artistry of Brett Gleason. In that five years, I have been continually surprised and impressed at the breadth of his talent, his strength and his refusal to produce anything close to typical or ordinary. Whether it be his music, his videos or his modeling, Brett always manages to produce something unique to the voice of who Brett Gleason is.

This comes through loudly in not just his music, but the visuals used to express it. It comes through in his modeling and the risks he takes getting naked both physically and emotionally in front of the camera. This is certainly seen in these images from the incredible Stanley Stellar. Brett says that he'd never done anything quite like this before and loves how statuesque the images turned out. This same raw emotion and nakedness comes through in his writing, whether be a song or a thought piece like his most recently article for The Huffington Post.

In Brett's recent Op-ed piece, Brett asks the question, Does Love Fade as We Grow Older? It is a question I think all of us have asked as we age, maybe especially those moving through live on their own. Most of us experienced passionate, even frenzied relationships when we were in our teens and early twenties. I cringe remembering my own desperation to hold to to someone who so clearly didn't want to be held, especially by me. Those late night calls, though tears and the begging.... As painful as it was, there was an intensity that I can't help but look back on with a fondness. Maybe even with a little sadness, that such intensity may never be experienced, in quite the same way... again.

Brett Gleason • Expiration Date (Live)

Given it has been just over a year since the official debut of Brett's album (which you can check out HERE:), it is appropriate of course to add a song. Although Expiration Date is not on that album, given it was Brett's first attempt at a love song, it certainly beautifully fits the theme. Please check out Brett's full article on The Huffington Post HERE:

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