Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kudo's to The Jenner Children

While the Kardashian clan will show up for anything, Kudo's to Caitlyn Jenner's first four offspring for refusing to participate in the E Reality Show about her transition. Cassandra, Burt, Brandon, and Brody Jenner were all well spoken and caring during Diane Sawyer's mostly Kardashian free 2 hour special. I had great respect for Bruce during his ABC interview, and really hope he doesn't Kardashianize his transition in the media. For all the good she is doing, there is a risk of undoing it all if in the end, it is all sensationalized for ratings, money and fame.

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Anonymous said...

You vocalized my disgust with this whole situation - it's being rolled out like a commodity. As other news outlets pointed out, during that Diane Sawyer interview, he was still called Bruce and the "she" pronoun was not used at all. Cut to a few weeks later: a Vanity Fair cover & roll-out of Caitlyn Jenner; the she is here, the he is not and all in one well-coordinated swoop. This is not what the LGBT movement is about and for all the "good" coverage about having such a public figure transition, the undertone that's been orchestrated for selfish attention cannot be denied. Kudos to his first four children for conducting themselves with class, understanding coming out and transitioning is not a commodity and certainly not an excuse to manufacturer a media circus or ratings.