Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Captured Regrets!

Last month, while working on the piece Beat, I had an idea for a new FH feature, Captured Regrets! Sometimes it might be the pose, the outfit, the amount of skin shown. Other times it might be the time in their lives, or the person they are shot with, but all celebrities must have images they cringe at looking back. Now the feature is meant to provide a smile or a laugh, but not to judge. Many of the images I will choose are reflective of the time they were shot, the fashion and the norms of the era.

So, without further ado.... lets begin with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Although Jean-Claude is looking as fit as always, his high wasted mom jeans scream 80's or early 90's. Although they may be something Jean-Claude might just be wearing now... he certainly didn't need the extra coverage, nor support back then!

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