Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stephen Shellen: The Skin

Gimme An F  (1984)

'Getting Discovered' seems to be a theme in many of Stephen (Steve) Shellen's nude scenes. There is a sexy voyeuristic pattern in so many of his movies. Brad Pitt and Craig Sheffer come upon a naked, and very sunburned Shellen in Robert Redford's A River Run Through It. Whoopi Goldberg gets an eye full of Shellen while hiding in a closet in Burglar. A classical music composer comes upon a naked Shellen and his wife in a 1984 episode of The Hitchhiker.

My favorite scene however, is when two girls come upon Shellen doing his wet, tighty whitey dance in 1984's Gimme An F. Shellen quickly see's he has an audience and plays to the crowd. Shellen's gymnastic background came in handy and as you can see from the video, Shellen did most of his own stuntwork for the complicated, but incredibly sexy scene.

Vivid  (1999)

Burglar  (1987)

The Hitchhiker, Lovesounds (1984)

A River Runs Through It (1992)

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