Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Vintage Vantage: Calvin Culver in Score

I have not yet seen Score, but the movie seems to be uncut on Youtube. (HERE:) I was interested in learning more about the film after seeing actor Calvin Culver, (aka Casey Donovan) and some of the publicity photos while I was researching a separate story for FH.

Culver was successful porn star who worked steadily during the 70's and 80's in many adult films, most notably, Boys in the Sand, the film said to have cemented his status as a gay icon. Culver's road to porn was an interested one. After graduating college, he began teaching which eventually led to a job at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School on New York's Central Park West. Culver was fired in his second year after an altercation in which it is said he physically disciplined a female student. (rumoured to be the daughter of actor Eli Wallach)

Following is firing, Culver attempted to break into the acting business and did a number of stage productions and worked in summer stock theatre. To pay the bills however, Culver began escorting and it was through one of his escorting clients he eventually landed a job modeling with Wilhelmina Models. WIth his looks now commanding attention, Culver made the transition to adult films, making his first appearance in the 1971 low budget sexploitation thriller film, Ginger.

Score, another sexploitation film, came along three years later in 1974. Directed by Radley Metzger, it one of the first films to explore bi-sexual relationships. If you're interested in checking out score, there were both soft core and hard core releases, with only the hard core release featuring male frontal nudity.

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