Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mike Edward: Double Feature

New Zealand's Mike Edward began his entry into the acting world like so many others, through the high school musical. Mike quickly began landing parts on New Zealand television including playing a stripper in the 2003 aptly titled The Strip. With his incredible good looks and killer smile, Edward makes a splash whenever he's on screen. In the past while he's gotten a lot of attention for his penis, even though he's actually never shown it. In last years I Survived a Zombie Holocaust, even the sock couldn't contain Edward's sexual appeal. Although he was shown full frontal on TV's Spartacus, the impressive member Edward was sporting was sadly not his own, but a prosthetic. Both Scenes, full monty or not, are incredibly hot!

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust (2010)

Spartacus (2010)

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