Monday, December 14, 2015

Quintessentially Quinn by Steve Jerome

~of the pure and essential essence of something
~relating to the most perfect embodiment of something

Christmas is a time of getting together with people you haven't seen for awhile, so I can't think of a better time to pop-in on, or pop-up with, model Quinn Christopher Jaxon. It was coincidently back on December 14th, 2011 that I first discovered Quinn's images, and quickly got in touch with photographer, and Quinn's manager Bacchus Stuart, about featuring Quinn, and their work together. I believe FH was one of, if not the first, blog or site devoted to the male form, to feature Quinn's work.

I can't think of a better adjective to put in front of Quinn than Quintessential. Quinn not only has an incredible body, he has a sexy, welcoming face, killer eyes and that great head of shaggy hair. Looks aside, Quinn also possesses the skills and knowledge to know just how to use in body in front of the camera. Also a dancer, Quinn is able to create poses and positions that are not only unique and impressive, but refreshingly and candidly sexual.

After that piece featuring Quinn's work with Bacchus, (Theatrical) Quinn became an internet sensation and the Los Angeles based model was featured on many of the top net's top sites and worked with some of the industries best chroniclers of the male form. I have been lucky to have been able to feature many of those shoots, including Quinn's work with some of my favorite photographers including; Carl Proctor, Chris Teel, Frisky Frolic and James Spada.

'Impressive in every way, Quinn Christopher Jaxon is simply a joy to work with, and his enthusiasm for his work shows through in his images.'

Another photographer who quickly became a favorite is San Diego's Steve Jerome. Since first feasting my eyes on, and featuring Steve's work with Charles Dakota last month, (More Than Initially Meets The Eye) I have been looking forward to featuring more of his work. Quinn and Steve are a perfect fit as both know and respect their audience and don't short change them. Steve shares that what matters to him when shooting is the model's personality and willingness to commit to the endeavour. Clearly, both he and Quinn devoted to creating inviting and arousing imagery. You can check out more of Steve's work with Quinn on the Over-Flow HERE: & check out more on Steve's site, devoted to displaying his images (don't miss the fun first one...) and prints HERE:

'Quinn is a California find for me. Without a doubt he is a professional in every sense of the word. While it is difficult not to keep your eyes glued to his manhood, you have to admit that he is everything you could want in a model. Very good looking, young, masculine, flexible (he is a dancer), in great shape and on top of all that he comes with an absolutely enjoyable personality. I do not think I've had more fun doing a shoot than I did with Quinn. Because he is a pro I had to give very little direction during the shoot. In addition, he offered his own ideas for poses; he really came to life when we shot in the bedroom...he used the bed frame as a prop for what turned out to be some stunning images. He was eager to show off his athleticism and flexibility and really enjoyed the shoot, which made the time go by so fast it was amazing.'


Daniel Paul said...

So glad to see a feature on Quinn again. He is such a sexy man, I can never get enough of him!

Markku Saunamies said...

So gorgeous!!!!!

DavidAsset said...

I think he's had a lot of practice in this position!