Friday, March 4, 2016

Dex for Sex

We all have had experiences of being attracted to people that well... we aren't really that attracted to. That's sort of how I feel about actor Michael Nader. I haven't watched much of Dynasty, but I remember my mom watching when I was a kid. I did pick up some of the show's DVD's on sale a few years ago but never could get past a few minutes.  I thought I should give them another try before giving them away.

There is something about actor Michael Nader that bugs me. There is also something about his character Dex that has me wanting to rip off his high wasted Dad jeans, have my way with him, and then take off, never to see him again. The raspy voiced actor headed to daytime soaps once the 80's reign of prime time soaps came to an end.

With Sally Field in Gidget


Anonymous said...

Gidget, not The Flying Nun. Nuns don't wear bikinis.

TyeBriggs said...