Sunday, April 10, 2016

Favorites: saki94

'I like to photograph the male body but I do not often find volunteers then I often, so therefore, I use myself as the model'

Last October I introduced FH readers to the work of photographer and model saki94.  (Prime) Actually, in the first post, it was the work of saki75, the credit Saki  uses as his photographer's profile on Model Mayhem.  In that first story, I featured Saki's imagery of other models as well as many of his images of himself.

I love so many of Saki's images, and wanted to do a follow-up featuring some of my favorite of Saki's self shots.  I love the intimacy Saki creates.  I have not met the Paris artist, but within his images he presents the portrait of a sensual, thoughtful, intelligent and incredibly sexual man.  A man confident in his body, and in the life he leads.

I love the passion Saki puts into his work, and his dedication to be seen and admired.  Saki regularly enters the Model Mayhem pic of the day contest.  Although not always the case, the winners are frequently models, usually hovering a bit below, or a little above, the 20 year old mark, and most often with their penis prominently display.

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some 20 year old nakedness, but I also love a bit of variety and depth in images that I am going to spend more than just a few seconds enjoying.  I love that despite the odds, Saki's beautiful naked body and the passion and artistry within his images, are entered, included and enjoyed by so many, and so often.


David Asset said...

I just commented on the JAD board that it's great to see really good nudes of older men in good shape. Saki's ass is amazing and the photos are really hot! Thanks, Tye, for posting them.

Edward said...

Gorgeous series with Saki, wonderfully sensual and beautiful