Sunday, September 25, 2016

His Mind is the Ultimate Weapon

I've been meaning to post about actor Lucas Till for awhile now. I have saved a few images, but regretfully, have yet to see any of his movies. I have DVR'd Wolves, but have not gotten to it, yet... I was still interested in Till though due to his beautiful face, sexy jaw and a few Youtube videos that show off his fun and sexy personality.

I did though, watch MacGyver this afternoon, and it was pretty fast paced and enjoyable. I only saw a handful of episodes of the original, but loved me some Richard Dean Anderson. (when's the cameo?) Till is an engaging actor, and especially fun to watch in motion. MacGyver's mind might be his ultimate weapon, but with, it's Till's face and hair fascinate Till can sport so many different looks and seems to change just a little bit in almost every scene he's in. Not sure I'm going to be sitting at home on Friday's to watch, but I will be setting the DVR.

Till and co-star George Eads

Till in MacGyver

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