Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Disrobing The Master

This edition of Horror Hunks didn't start out with the goal of demasking the Master. As a HUGE Buffy fan, I was originally going to take a look at the shows Halloween episodes. Then, I thought of spotlighting the hotness of some of the baddies, but I have previously featured Buffy alum Charlie Weber and Nathan Fillion on FH. Then...I saw an early image of actor under The Master's make-up and a little researched uncovered a 'wee' bit of skin in a 1980's horror flick.

Mark Metcalf, the actor behind The Master is an accomplished theatre actor whose film and television career began in the early 70's. With countless television roles (including the Maestro on Seinfeld) and feature film appearances in films such as Animal House, One Crazy Summer and The Heavenly Kid. Metcalf is also known to Twister Sister fans for his appearances in a couple of their video.

Metcalf in Animal House (1978)

In one of his early film roles, Metcalf joins Rachel Ward, Daryl Hannah, Adrian Zmed and Joe Pantoliano into the woods for 1983's The Final Terror. Sorry for the spoiler, but like many of the horror hunks I feature, Metcalf's character Mike doesn't survive what the group of campers awoken by venturing far into the forest. Even with Zmed in the film, to me Metcalf is the hottest hunk in the cast and I have to admit, my interest in watching diminished after Mike came (literally) to his bloody end.

Metcalf by photographer Mark Escribano

Final Terror (1983)

Poor Mike didn't remember the cardinal rule of horror films, 'never get naked and never have sex!' Almost every character who fools around ends up having their climax, their last. Although we don't see much, just a few flashes of skin and side butt, I will never look at The Master the same way again!

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Anonymous said...

It's so awesome that you're a buffy fan. I just watched the entire series on Netflix. One of the best shows ever!