Sunday, October 2, 2016

Favorite Import of the Day: Alberto Ferreiro

I caught a bit of 2004's Bad Education on television the other night but it wasn't Gael García Bernal that I was concentrating on this time. Yes, Gael is brilliant in the film, and his skinning dip scene is still as beautiful as ever. It was an early scene with Gael and the character of Enrique that had me googling the actor portraying Enrique.

The relationship and history between the characters is complicated, but the scene in the hotel room is very erotic. Alberto Ferreiro looks so incredibly beautiful lying there with his dark wavy hair and beautiful body. I had not heard of the Spanish actor before this film, nor have I seen in him anything since.

Not that Alberto hasn't been busy, he has a long resume of film and television roles. I am going to have to hunt down more of his work. I found the 2003 short Nito, (see below) and Alberto again dives into a risky and complicated role.

Los Hombres de Paco (2005-2006)

Nito, (short 2003)
Nito on Vimeo

Bad Education 2004

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