Sunday, October 30, 2016

Horror Hunks: Simon Scuddamore in Slaughter High

I went back and forth on whether to feature actor Simon Scuddamore, and his naked humiliation scene from 1986's Slaughter High. The scene certainly fits the horror hunk theme without a doubt. The film opens with high school beauty Carol Manning luring the school nerd, Marty Rantzen (Scuddamore) into the girls locker room with the promise of sex.

After poor Marty gets naked, Carol opens the shower curtain to a group of students laughing and filming poor Marty's embarrassment. Marty tries to run away, but is dragged back across the locker room floor and into the bathroom for a swirlie, just to top off Mary's humiliation.

Although he played a student, actor Simon Scuddamore was actually 27 at the time of filming, and it must have been a bit of an awkward scene to film given he was completely naked through most of it, while his clothed co-stars drag him around hang him upside down. Director Mark Ezra reports Scuddamore was great on set, the only problem they had was his scheduling. Scuddamore worked at a school for disadvantaged children, and didn't want to disrupt their schedule or risk losing his job by taking time off to film the movie.

My reluctance to post this piece wasn't about the scene itself, although it was brutal on the cruelty/humiliation metre. My reluctance was that I didn't want to exploit this particular horror hunk's true life tragic ending.

According to reports, Scuddamore suffered from a drug addiction, and although Ezra reports he remained clean throughout the shoot, the young actor sadly committed suicide shortly before the films official release. It is not thought his death was connected to the film, or the locker room scene, but it adds a layer of pain, not to mention morbid reality to the scene and the entire film.

Above is the locker room scene, but if you want to watch the entire film, it is on Youtube (with Greek subtitles) HERE:

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