Friday, December 2, 2016

The Art of Modeling: Brian Parker

First four images from The Third Eye

'I consider myself primarily a swimsuit model, however, I want to make great photos, it is my only concern. I want viewers to look at my photos and say wow, no matter if it is a swimsuit, fashion or an implied nude.'

Many actors and models dream of being discovered, walking along the street or the beach and having an agent spot you and offer you work. This is exactly what happened to model Brian Parker. While teaching in South Korea, Brian was at the beach, walking on the sidewalk when a Korean modeling publisher stopped him and wanted to know if he would be interested in modeling for her company. With his incredible body and intensely sexy eyes, it is not surprising Brian was turning heads at the beach. Before Long, Brian was modeling in both South Korea and soon after in Vietnam. Brian is now back in the USA, and ready to continue the the journey that began in Asia.

Any odd or strange stories from your modeling experiences so far?

'I think every shoot is odd in its own way, because nothing ever goes right. A female model and I got stuck in a sticker bush, and then almost got sprayed by skunk. I fell down a steep slope one time, it was like a 20 foot drop off. Yeah imagine shooting after that, right. I got cut up by rocks one time by getting in the water at a beach that we couldn’t finish the shoot. It seems like something happens every photo-shoot so now I have started to make a pre-video of my photo-shoots so everyone can see what models go through before a shoot. It will be posted on my Instagram. It will be good for everyone to see what all happens at a photo-shoot and not just see the photo ya know. Model Mayhem is a great way to find a photographer from anywhere in order to schedule a shoot. The problem is the Scams, scams, and scams. Some guy mailed me a 3,800-dollar check and told me he was paying me up front for a photo-shoot. The check was a scam and the check would have bounced. This happens quite often on model mayhem, and the scammers can be pretty persuasive at times. I hope no model has fallen for this scam.'

What took you to Asia, and could you see/feel a difference in the perception of male models and the male form in media and society?

'After I graduated with my Master’s degree in international studies, I went overseas to get another master’s degree in psychology and I was teaching English at the same time. There was a big difference on how I think everyone perceives male models between Asia and the USA. I would be shooting in Asia and there would be a couple coming up to me complimenting me on my body and how good I look. In fact, I think I got a lot more compliments from straight men in Asia than anyone else, but here in the USA it is the opposite. I really loved that about Asia when I was over there modeling. Everyone would come up to me, older men, teenagers, and even guys just giving me nothing but compliments and wanting a picture together. It was a lot of love and I appreciated it. I love Vietnam.'

Next two shots from Positive Image studios

'It is the art of modeling that drew me in. I love coming up with ideas, and placing it in a photograph. I love to see the work I do and be inspired by others. As a model, it is the viewers who view my photos that really keep me going as a model. I love their feedback. I love meeting everyone who views my photos and collaborating with the viewers about modeling. I want to travel overseas and do charity shoots for poorer countries. I have been working on going to Pakistan, Nigeria, and Southeast Asia soon to do charity shoots. I think it is a great way to promote modeling internationally and also give back to countries whose people are starving. I would hope that this would be a very big event, and I would like to see this event filled with many pro models and photographers with the same goals.'

What part of your body are you most happy with?

'What part gets the most attention from others? The most compliments I get from others is my eyes. Others say I have very big blue eyes, which really sticks out with my tanned skin tone and blonde hair. When I am in the fitness center I focus on my legs more than any other part of my body. I think my legs have great definition for a male model.'

What are your boundaries with nudity, and would you consider full nudity for the right project or photographer?

'The question I asked myself is what impact will this have on my modeling career? I thought the implied shots would give a very good artsy photo. I wanted to prove that I am able to do all sorts of different modeling. I have never done a full-frontal photo. Does anyone want to see that kind of photo? Hehe. I do think a full nude photo is coming very soon, and I am sure it will be published right here on Favorite Hunks! How does that sound to everyone?? Stay tuned...'

Last two images from The Third Eye

'I really owe a special thank you to The Third Eye as we have collaborated about my future shoots and what I can do to make that one dynamic photo. He has inspired me to be the best model, and I do believe he will continue to be there collaborating with me in the future. There are two photos that have pretty good stories. The one implied photo where I am sitting down by the book shelf (below) was really done by accident. It was my first implied photo-shoot and I did not know how to pose. I just ran out of ideas and I put my head down. The photo has been published and won the photo of the day in Model Mayhem. This photo has received by far the most attention and feedback than any of my photos I have taken.'

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