Monday, January 16, 2017

Blast From The Past: Brian Patrick Clarke

Today's Blast from the Past was sort of a fluke. While I was researching actor Brian Patrick Wade, for yesterday's post, I kept getting met with images and info on actor Brian Patrick Clark. Given my love of gingers, I saw it as a strong sign that Brian Patrick Clark needed a little of my attention.

I think I first saw Brian on television in the late 80's and 90's during his time rotating through several daytime soaps. Brian is probably best known for his role as Merl 'The Pearl' on Eight Is Enough Although Brian played a baseball player on the 80's family drama, his sports history was football, the sport he pursued before moving to acting.

I was too young to watch Eight is Enough when it first aired, but did catch a few repeats when I was older, enough to crush on Willie Aames and Grant Goodeve, and to purchase season 1 on DVD a few years ago. Brian joined the show in season 3 and I don't remember Merl very well, but... seeing Brian in his short shorts, might have to check out some of the later seasons on DVD.

Eighties short shorts on Eight Is Enough

A more recent head shot

Let's Get Physical

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