Thursday, January 12, 2017

Favorite Face of the Day: Farley Granger

Thank you TCM. I know I have heard the name Farley Granger before, and in looking over his impressive resume, must have seen him on television or film before. But... When I watched my DVR of Rope, from TCM's Alfred Hitchcock marathon last weekend, I could not take my eyes off Farley's Face. His dark eyes and hair, his luscious full lips and facial structure, Granger is the epitome of a classic matinee idol.

Men or women?

'That really depends on the person. I’ve lived the greater part of my life with a man, so obviously that’s the most satisfying to me'

I have started to watch 'Strangers On A Train' a number of times, but never stuck with it. Granger didn't stand out to in the few times I watched a bit. I will certainly be looking to watch Granger's second Hitchock directed film when it comes on next.

Rope” or “Strangers on a Train?

‘Strangers,’ he said without hesitation. “I think it was a more complete film. I think ‘Rope’ was more an experiment for Hitchcock.'

Granger (r) in Rope with John Dall

Granger with Hitchcock, Jimmy Stewart and John Dall

Below: Third Wheel Jane Powell with Granger (left) and Roddy McDowall

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Rodin said...

Love him in Strangers and Rope. Two great films. Now I've commented on nearly all your vintage posts. Interesting blog.