Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Max Wagner in Caligula

CALIGULA erzählt die Geschichte des gleichnamigen römischen Kaisers, der am Leben verzweifelt und sich deshalb die Welt zu eigen machen will.

In addition to loving great looking men, I also love a great stage play or musical. When you combine the two.... magic! If your not a member of DreamCap, then you're missing one of the best tributes to naked men on stage. Led by the great researcher PrincessPushy, the thread includes many famous actors and productions from all over the world.

I have been featuring many of my favorites over the years, including one of my favorites, the adorable and talented Félix Beaupérin in Le banquet d'Auteuil. (featured on FH HERE:) Today, I featured another favorite, the stunning Max Max Wagner in Vienna's Volkstheater theatre production of Caligula.

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