Friday, January 13, 2017

msbimages: Behind the Curve

'A lot of models think they do not have good butts because it is a difficult body part to see unless you happen to have a three-way mirror around. So I do try to "showcase" that area to prove them incorrect if I think that is the case. It is also an area that sometimes becomes more sexy with clothing and sometimes the back... is better than the front.'

One of the questions I often find myself asking photographers the most is 'do you have a shot of the back and butt.' It is odd to me when there isn't a rear or back shot in a series of images of model. For me, a penis shot holds the same value as a great face shot, a great back or butt shot, or a great full body shot. For me, the beauty of the male form is it's entirety.

From head to toe, the face, the hair, the shape of a nose. The neck, the chest, the stomach. The penis and legs, the back and the bum. I love the lines and curves the male body can create. For me, the most beautiful curves on a man are from the base of neck, down the back and around a butt. The right pose by a model, captured by the right photographer, is what often draws me to images of the male form.

Michal Boothe knows this better than anyone, and manages to capture some of the most beautiful and inviting images of the backs and butts of the models he shoots. In the fall, when I was throwing out some of my favorite images, so many of the best, were those curves from behind.

Some of the models featured here you have seen before, most... you have not. Michal generously went through his archives and sent on some of his favorites. Today's images, are just the first chapter...

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MostFun said...

WOW - it IS a beautiful part of the male body!