Wednesday, April 5, 2017

msbimages: Behind the Curve (Part 2)

'A lot of models think they do not have good butts because it is a difficult body part to see unless you happen to have a three-way mirror around. So I do try to "showcase" that area to prove them incorrect if I think that is the case. It is also an area that sometimes becomes more sexy with clothing and sometimes the back... is better than the front.'

Earlier this year, I posted part of one of photographer Michal Boothe's series of images themed 'Behind the Curve.' There are many reason why so many of us are attracted to the male butt. Some of these reasons are obvious, including it being one of two area's on the male body considered a private parts, a part that we are all expected to keep covered when in public.

It is natural to have a curiosity about things that are hidden. Investigating and exploring this curiosity however, can be difficult, especially if like me, you were still in the closet during those prime investigating teen age years. It was always risky to stare at a guys crotch given if you could see him, he could look right back at you. But the butt was much easier to gaze at, to study and explore. You usually didn't have to worry about the butt's owner seeing you check him out, it was usually other people around who were more likely to catch you staring.

I had many hours of staring at ass's, especially when the ass in question was sitting right in front of me in a long and boring Economics class. Although they were covered, you often got a hint of crack and depending on their pants, could get a pretty good idea of size, shape and degree of round, or flatness. Corduroy had the ability to fool, but jeans, and especially dress pants (usually explored during a boring Sunday morning at church) gave a great preview of what lurked below.

The other reason butts were so appealing was it wasn't all that difficult to see one. In high school locker rooms, even guys who were a bit shy about walking around with their penis in view, held their towels tightly around their fronts, but were usually not as bothered about covering their back ends. Straight guys especially, didn't necessarily see their ass's of objects of obsession, at least around other guys, and flashing and mooning were common amongst the guys I hang our with. It may not be as common today, but when I was growing up, many guys, even when with both sexes, often just turned around, with their butts facing out, when changing from underwear to bathing suit when at a lake or the beach.

As I said in my previous piece, the male butt is also one of the curviest parts of the male form, one that lends itself to far more creative and dynamic poses than almost any other part of the male body. The butt is supposed to be fleshy, bouncy, plump. With many men, especially fitness models, each and every muscle and part of their body is worked hard to be as firm as possible. Having almost any part of your body described as 'hard' is generally considered a compliment, except of course....your ass.

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