Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Byrd in the Hand

Earlier this month, while working on a piece on actor Brian Kerwin (Actors & Skin) I posted the image above. The promotional shot is from the 1984 TV movie Wet Gold starring Brian, Brooke Shields and actor Tom Byrd. I had forgotten how hot Tom was, especially his sexy furry chest.

I remember watching Tom on TV during the late 80's and 90's mostly through seeing repeats of sit-coms like The Facts of Life, Newhart and Fraiser that featured Tom as a guest star Tom was maybe most well known for his leading on role on a show I never had the opportunity to see, the short lived series Boone from the early 80's. I do remember though remember in the few projects that I saw, how adorable Tom was.

I also remember his talent. On The Facts of Life, I believed he played two different roles over the years, a mentally challenged art student in one, and a drug buying boyfriend of Blair in another. Tom was one of those actors I was sure would be working forever, but his last IMDB credits are his appearances on Fraiser in 2000.

Byrd in The Facts of Life

I remember seeing (and posting) some old caps of Tom's nude scene in the 1989 film Out Cold. Out Cold featured Teri Garr, John Lithgow and Randy Quaid in a comedy in which Tom's character Mr. Holstrom is having an affair with Sunny. (Teri Garr) In the scene, Sunny's husband Ernie (Bruce McGill) comes home forcing Mr. Holstrom to hide under the bed. The short scene includes not just a frontal from Tom, but also a brief frontal from actor Bruce McGill.

Recent shot of Tom

Out Cold (1989)

The gif above uncovers Tom's nudity, but if you want to check out the entire scene, you can download it from SendSpace HERE:

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