Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Actors & SKIN: Brian Kerwin

The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (1980)

I didn't really think there was enough material for an Actors & Skin piece on Brian Kerwin. When I started, I thought his role in 1985's Murphy's Romance was his only nude scene. In the flick, Kerwin plays Sally Field's ex, and there is brief butt scene as he is heading into the shower. Given how it's filmed, I also wondered if that butt actualy belonged to Kerwin. A little research however, was able to give me another butt scene that I could compare...

Wet Gold (1984)

Although no nudity, Kerwin has shown a fair bit of skin on television. In 1984's Wet Gold, Kerwin stars along with Brooke Shields and 80's hottie Tom Byrd in a tv movie set mostly on a boat. Although I haven't seen the movie, the few Youtube clips that watch, showed that Kerwin and Byrd were shirtless for much of the movie.

Stripping off his suit on The Love Boat (1981)

Kerwin played a stripper when he went cruising, stripping town to some shiny briefs. Thanks to Scenes of Male Skin for the clip.

Murphy's Romance (1985)

Hometown U.S.A (1979)

Sooo, that comparative butt scene.... A little searching told me Kerwin had another butt scene in 1979's Hometown U.S.A. In the American Graffiti knock off, Kerwin puts on his James Dean, and his red leather jacket, to play T. J. Swackhammer. In the film, Kerwin has his beautiful thrusting butt, shown in the same scene as his face.

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