Saturday, July 8, 2017

Besecker Fitness: Confidence Builder

First 6 images from The Third Eye

'Brenden has the triple threat in modeling. He is good looking, has an excellent physique and good intuition. He is everything you would want in a model.'

Last year, one of my favorite pieces featured the work of Jack from The Third Eye. (Same Old Story?) I loved Jack's work and the stories he told through his images. It is the goal of most artists to capture an inner essence or a small piece of their subjects history or story. Jack's images beautifully achieve this, adding a layer of depth of artistry that have me returning to his portfolio often to see what new stories his imagery is telling.

Last month, Jack's images of model Brenden Besecker had me reaching out to both to learn more. As you can see, it was immediately evident in his images that Brenden has something special. Something beyond just his incredible physique, something seen and felt in the emotion expressed through Brenden's magnetic hazel eyes. Jack advised me to 'catch him quick' as Brenden's determination and ambition were going to ensure that he was going places, and fast. I agreed, and took Jack's advice.

At just 21, Brenden's story is just beginning. With 'firsts' being a FH theme for 2017, it is exciting to catch him at the start of his modeling and fitness journey. When he was ready to give it a go, Brenden joined a Dayton and Cincinnati model page on Facebook and put up an ad looking for a photographer to help him build his portfolio.

It was through the group that he connected with Jack. It is hard to believe that Brenden's work with Jack was his first time shooting professionally. It wasn't an easy or quick decision however, for Brenden to take the leap. It took a bit of time to build himself up, both mentally and emotionally, before deciding to join the Facebook group and take the risk.

Last 5 images from Aktis Creative

'My friends would joke with me about becoming a model, and I really liked the idea of it but it took me a long while to develop the confidence to actually give it shot. I was bullied in high school and graduated weighing 140 pounds with no style, practically skin and bones so I still had a lot of self talk to go to convince myself I was model material.'

Even after deciding to give modeling a shot, Benden took another year to focus on his body, working out and focusing on his body and how he presented himself outwardly to others. This hard work and perseverance paid off and comes through in the confidence he exudes within his images. After working with Jack and building up a solid portfolio of images, Brenden created a ModelMayhem page which is helping him connect with other photographers, including Aktis Creative who shot the last five incredible shots.

Brenden was also inspired to create Instagram and Facebook pages which focus on his passion fro personal fitness. Although working on his outside is crucial to success in the fitness industry, Brenden also was well aware of the importance of education. Brenden is currently a student studying exercise science which along with his personal experience will maximize the impact he might have on others looking to pursue their own passions and goals.

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