Monday, July 3, 2017

Sparkler: Luke by Lights On Studio

'When in doubt, arm everyone with sparklers!'

Although I always have my eye out for great holiday images, I usually start seriously looking a few weeks before the big day. This year with the 4th, Lights on Studio's Tom Nakielski beat me to the punch! Tom's images have been apart of FH's celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I enthusiastically welcomed Tom's red, white and blue themed shots of model Luke Roberts to help FH celebrate the 4th with a bang!

Tom's images also fit in wonderfully with my first's theme. Luke has been modeling and acting for awhile, but had not previously done a shoot in the buff. From the looks of it though, Luke had a ball as even with the balloons and sparklers, his sexy smile lights up every image. Happy 4th to all FH readers celebrating today!

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