Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hide & Hair: Danny by Photography By Hugh

'I couldn't wait to get him in front of the camera. He was all I could have hoped for and more.'

I can certainly understand why Hugh wanted to shoot Danny, I knew as soon as I saw their work together that I wanted to feature him on FH. The first shots I saw were from their most recent shoot together. If you scroll down you'll see the images of Danny with his beautiful long hair which totally transforms his appearance from how he looked in the earlier images with shorter hair. With his long hair, Danny reminded me a bit of Game Of Thrones hero Jon Snow. He could easily pass for his brother.

Danny's great head of hair, and the added facial hair as well, changed his appearance so much that I didn't realize that I had featured him on FH once before. I should have certainly remembered Danny's beautiful brown eyes, not to mention his distinctive tats! It wasn't until heading to Danny's Model Mayhem page to add the link when I saw his work with BPeterson that had me remembering my 2015 piece, Gentle Charm.

Danny's visual transformation not only changes how he looks, but also has he comes across on camera. Like Jon Snow, who went from a young man to a mature hero, Danny seems to have more strength and sexual confidence in his poses, stance and how he comes across on camera. Hugh was lucky to be able to shoot Danny both before and after his change of appearance having come across Danny's profile on Model Mayhem in the spring of 2016. Hugh was looking for a local models and loved Danny's look, especially how unique and versatile Danny came across in different images with different photographers.

'Danny has that wonderful ethnic face which could pass as Italian (my first guess), Latino, Greek, even Native American. He has beautiful soft brown eyes, a full head of auburn hair, and a killer body.'

Hugh studied Danny's portfolio and noted it included some headshots, a few suggestive nudes and a some shots on the beach. Hugh wanted to give Danny some new visuals so on their first shoot toured around various areas in the town of Kissimmee, shooting in an abandoned Mexican restaurant, on some railroad tracks, and some buildings that they found that were under construction. Danny was clean-shaven for their first session and Hugh thought he looked exceptionally handsome so made sure to capture lots of facial close-ups.

It wasn't until almost a year later, in July of this year, they were able to get together for the second time. Although Danny didn't have any full nude shots on his MM profile, he did indicated he was up for them and fully on board with the ideas and concepts that Hugh put forth before they got together to work.  On the day of the shoot however, Hugh wasn't fully prepared for Danny's transformation when he picked up to drive to the studio....

'I wasn't sure if his looks had changed, but WOW, when he got in the car, he took my breath away. His curly hair had grown shoulder length, and he had grown some facial hair. In addition, he had pumped up noticeable since the previous year. I couldn't wait to get him in front of the camera. He was all I could have hoped for and more.'

Danny brought along some underwear and a Japanese style thong but within a few minutes they quickly discarded most of the wardrobe and went to shooting full nudes. During the session, Hugh tried out some new dramatic lighting techniques. Although Hugh didn't exactly get the results he was expecting, they still managed to get some amazing shots! Hugh describes Danny as a 'true pro' and they promised to get together for a third shoot which which Hugh is looking forward to and hoping to schedule within the next month or two.

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