Saturday, July 28, 2018

Favorite Suit of the Day, Rob Mayes' Wetsuit

I love Shark movies, even bad ones.  Ever since seeing Jaws on TV when I was a kid, I have been hooked.  Now... when I say bad shark movies, I don't mean as bad as the Sharknado's, but  Deep Blue Sea 2 was just bad enough to be enjoyable.

Of course it didn't hurt, that early in the film we were introduced to Trent Salter, in the form of actor Rob Mayes.  Although Ray didn't really show any skin, he did wear a fairly skin tight wet suit in a few scenes. 

Deep Blue Sea 2 (2018)

Mayes started in show business at an early age, modeling when he was just five years old. After graduating University, Mayes attended school in London and began touring Europe as a musician. Not content with the artist life style, Mayes was accepted into the United States Naval Academy and was planning on becoming a Navy SEAL. Mayes certainly looks the part, and helps explain why he looks so natural (and sexy) in a wet suit.

Ultimately, Mayes abandoned his journey to become a Navy SEAL and returned to music. After moving to New York, Mayes quickly began getting guest roles, starting with a role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. This led to parts on Cold Case, Medium, Bones and the lead in the 2010 remake of Ice Castles. Mayes also appeared as a regular on The Client List, Frequency and Mistresses.

Mistresses (2015-2016)

Burning Blue (2013)

I think 2013's Burning Blue is Mayes on nude scene today and it's a quickie. Also known as the gay Top Gun, Mayes has a darkened rear shot (on far right) before the lights come back on with him standing naked in front of actor Trent Ford.

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