Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Walter Kurtz: Swashed


-The turbulent layer of water that washes up on the beach after an incoming wave has broken.

Back in 2012 when I was writing and editing for tMf Magazine, I had the pleasure to interview Manhattan-based photographer Walter Kurtz. As a long time enthusiast of his work, I was always inspired by Walter's ability to artfully blend elegance and grace with power and strength within his distinctions of the male form. There is distinct cadence in Walter's images, a rhythmic energy, maybe most notable in his studio work.

It's interesting then, that it was this series of images of Danny and Dustin shot at The Pines on Fire Island. that had me reaching out again to Walter about featuring his work. Although there is clearly a strong rhythmic component, you can almost hear the the swashing of the waves crashing against both the shores, and on over the Danny and Dustin's bodies.

There is also a beautifully clunky, almost chaotic piece to working in an environment you have zero control over. Both artist and models are at the mercy, and the timing of the Atlantic, and the results are wonderfully unpredictable.  Waves cannot be controlled, when they crash and swash or what they cover, or uncover, so it's up to the photographer and models to literally, go with the flow.

In some of Walter's shots, you can tell Danny and Dustin just got a mouthful of salt water, in other they look like their junk is getting pummeled by the swashing and crashing water against their bodies. In some others, it appears an unwelcome batch of sand may have swooshed up an unguarded crevice... It was this element of the shoot I think added an enjoyable layer of fun, bringing out pieces of the personalities of each model.

On his website, Walter's about me section is short and sweet, describing himself as a Manhattan-based fine art photographer specializing in editorial portraiture and whatever else he feels like shooting. When I asked him about this shoot, his response was equally succinct. 'I went out for a day trip and shot two of my friends. We just had fun and took pics. No big whoop.'


Despite the lack of detail, Walter shares considerably through both his art, and through his social media comments about his work. Following Walter on Instagram is rewarding not only because of his ability to satisfy creatively, but also for the wit and humour in his comments. .

Many envy the life of a photographer,  possibly assuming heading out to the beach with two incredibly hot, and soon to be naked, male models, and that snapping a few shots is the full extent of the job  Although most of us understand there is much more involved in the creation of great images, Walter's sardonic layered comments about his work signify he's ok, or at least willing, to play along.

'Since Dustin was having a hard time keeping it on in both the back and front, I felt it would probably be best if he just took the fucker off.'

If you want to see more of this series of images, Walter has shared more on his Instagram HERE: If you're looking to get an ever closer look at all the places on Dustin ad Danny's bodies the salt water and sand swooshed about,  both Walter and Dennis have OnlyFans sites to share images a little too hot for Instagram. Check out Walter's Onlyfans HERE: and Dustin's HERE:

Walter Kurtz on Instagram | Onlyfans

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