Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Body Man

When bad things happen to good looking people...

I have used my 'Caucus' label much since the election last year. The current political climate, headed by the buffoon in charge, is such a tornado with cruelty, bigotry and chaos whirling in every form of media, there's no joy in giving it any more attention. But... given the ugliness... I do try to look for the flowers within the manure. Sadly, whenever I see an interesting flower, they end up being too prickly, poisonous or ugly upon taking that closer look. Jared Kushner was purdy for a brief (very brief) second. Rob Porter look good looking from a distance, and a distance, is the only place to safely stay.

You don't have to be a genius to see that those around the clothes free emperor must be equally ugly inside, if not, they couldn't stand being there. Like generates towards like they say. That doesn't mean I still don't glance at the flowers, but I keep walking. As Sondheim taught us through Red, 'Mother said, Straight ahead, Not to delay or be misled'.

Sooo, I paused today to glance at, but not for too long, the former football player turned PA and Presidential body man John McEntee, the lesser known White House employee in the headlines for being fired today. The reason, a financial crime, the consequence, fired from one job, but immediately hired to work on another. Like generates towards like and hot without character is the ugliest of them all.

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