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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 7th

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Happy Birthday today May 7th

Happy 27th to actor Alexander Ludwig!

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Luke Mitchell: On Mute

This past weekend, like almost every one of my weekends, procrastination ruled.  I had a ton of things to do, most importantly, read several long reports for work in preparation for a meeting set for of course... first thing Monday morning.  This meeting wasn't one I could just 'wing' which meant not just skimming the material, but reading, digesting, and taking notes on every important point.

Sunday night, with the beginning of Game of Thrones approaching, I set my DVR to record, and made a pact with myself not to watch until I finished what I should have done earlier in the day.  I put on a little classical music, (I needed something without lyrics to distract me) put the TV on mute, and began reading.

About 20 minutes in, I looked up at the TV to see the the incredibly beautiful face of an actor I didn't immediately recognize.  I pressed 'info' on my remote and discovered the show was The Code.  I'm not a huge fan of procedural TV shows, and had never seen the military legal drama before.  The beautiful face belonged to actor Luke Mitchell, and actor who's popped up a few time on FH before.

Luke looked a little older than I remembered, and little more filled out.  He also looked hotter than ever!  I knew him mostly from the images and clips I had seen from his roles on the Australian shows Neighbours and Home & Away.  It wasn't so surprising I didn't recognize him right away.  In most of the images (HERE:) that I had used of Luke before, he was usually shirtless. (and one time pantless...)  After figuring out it was Luke, I went back to my reports and didn't finish reading til close to 1am.   Of course, I still had to watch Game of Thrones which meant although I was informed at Monday's meeting, I wasn't exactly bright eyed and alert.  It was worth it.

Six Degree's

I have often commented on the weird turns that lead to stories on FH.  Sometimes I look up one actor or movie, and end up heading down the google rabbit hole searching for another that I spotted along the path.  This piece is really about actor Ron Leibman, and his nude scene in 1970's Where's Poppa, but he's sort of the middle of the six degree's between Elizabeth Taylor, and a speedo shot of a 70's teen idol.

1st Degree: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)

Want to go along for the ride?  Although this piece officially began this past February with a piece on actor George Segal, (The De-Pantsing of Pops) it actually originally began back in 2011 with my R.I.P post (HERE:) upon the death of actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Second Degree: George Segal in Where's Poppa (1970)

Although I certainly knew who Elizabeth Taylor was, I was surprised to realize when I wrote her R.I.P post that at the time, except for maybe The Flintstones, which really doesn't count... I'd never actually seen one of her movies all the way through.  I felt I had, due to all the clips I'd seen on TV, and the pieces of movies I'd seen as a kid that my parents were watching, but when she died, I went through her credits on IMDB and low and behold, discovered I hadn't seen any of her most famous films start to finish.

Third Degree: Ron Leibman

Since 2011, I've managed to catch about dozen of Taylor's films with 1966's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? being one of my favorites.  When I came upon the film earlier this year, I was taken for the first time with how handsome George Segal was in the film, and went ahead to search out his two nude scenes which I featured in the February piece.

Forth Degree: Ron Leibman in Friends

One of those films was 1970's Where's Poppa which co-starred Ruth Gordon and Ron Leibman I knew Leibman , mostly from his role as Rachel's father on Friends.  Leibman also had a nude scene in the film and although I Leibman isn't known for his hunky good looks, he is a talented actor who has been in many great films, including Norma Rae, a film I actually remember him from!

Fifth Degree: Linda Lavin in Alice

When searching for more about Leibman, I googled and found out that before marrying actress Jessica Walter, he was married to actress Linda Lavin from 1969 through 1981. This of course had me thinking of Lavin's show Alice. (a show I don't think I've seen much of, but did see the movie that inspired it)

Sixth Degree: Philip McKeon

I couldn't think about Alice without thinking about it's blonde teen star, actor Philip McKeon.  McKeon, who except for the blonde hair looks almost exactly like his sister Nancy, had a short career that sort of sputtered out slowly after Alice went off the air.

I did remember however, he was a teen magazine favorite, and remember finding some shirtless shots when looking for images for a previous birthday post.  So... my Elizabeth Taylor movie watching led me to, via Ron Leiblan, to far too much time looking for images of McKeon, including the speedo shot below.   Not a place I thought I'd end up from a repeat viewing ofr Virginia Woofe....  Oh, and Ron's nude scene, check out the caps below!

Ron Leibman in Where's Poppa

'One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings.'
W.E. Johns

Anticipation is a theme I have explored many times in many different stories on FH.  I've written before about how I tend to enjoy the before and after, especially the before, much more than the during.  Images are all about the moment, and we're told, we are suppose to live in it.  I believe some us however, are much more comfortable living around it.

I look forward to things, to events, gatherings and holidays. My mind starts looking ahead often weeks before most people are even begin thinking about them.  I plan, organize and do lists about what I need to do, to buy and to get everything ready. Summer is no different, in fact my enthusiasm and enjoyment of summer usually starts in March and April, and has peeked, flat lined, and then ended, by the time season officially begins in June.

Over the last few weeks, most of my spare time has been readying my property for the summer.  I've been painting outside doors and window frames,  seeding the grass, planting and raking and getting rid of the remnants of a long and windy winter.  Part of the reason I put so much energy into my property is that I'm flanked by neighbours with pristine properties. 

During the winter, snow covers my properties many cracks, imperfections and deficiencies.  When the snow melts, everything's exposed, so I have to use a bit more Spackle and a few more tricks, to hold everything together.  A colorful garden can draw attention from a dead lawn and a colorful front door can pull the eye from the peeling paint beside it.

I spent most of the last weekend working on my property and fixing, and then masking, as much as I could.  I know that my enthusiasm is on a time limit.   It's fleeting, by next month, when the temperatures and humidity start to rise, my interest in gathering large rocks for garden parameter will be null, and it will take every ounce of my enthusiasm, just to keep the lawn the mowed and the dandelions at bay.

It seemed the perfect time to feature these shots of Cain by Male Beauty by bengie.  Some of you may remember that I previewed one of bengie's shots of Cain this past Easter.  I thought I'd save the rest until the grass was greener, the sun was brighter, and my appreciation for the beauty surrounding my home was at it's height.

I haven't been to bengie's home in Cheshire England, but I can sense how much he loves his rural environment.  You can see both love and care he into his home and surroundings.  bengie's home, property and lands are featured predominantly within his imagery, and a big part of why I love his work.

The fields, ponds and gardens which surround bengie's home have provided breathtaking backgrounds for the many models that bengie has shot there.  Some of the models don't always seem quite know how to interact with their surroundings, but others like Cain, seem to have a connection with their surroundings and an ease roaming the property naked in only rubber boots and a big stick.