Sunday, May 26, 2024

Eyes on the Prize

'And The Trophy Goes To....'

Anyone whose had a cat, knows no matter how many toys you buy them, the cat will ultimately choose the grocery bag or the cardboard box.  It doesn't matter how fancy or expensive the toy, the attainable, and the close at hand, is always the safest, and the most reliable.   That philosophy, often also applies to men, and in this case, male strippers.

One of the most popular posts on the site last summer was my two part feature on Rent Cheque. (First of the MonthRent Cheque is a Vancouver based strip club with a focus on Amateurs and Amateur nights.  I've featured many professional strippers, but people love to see an average guy stepping up on stage, and taking the risk and taking it all off.

Many strip clubs used to have regular 'amateur nights'.  One night a week, audience members could jump on stage and fulfill their fantasy, and sometimes bucket list entry, to strip naked in front of a room full of people.  Earlier this month, when putting together my Drag Queen inspired Mother's Day post, (HERE:) I noted that drag queens are often the hosts in male strip clubs.  They also sometimes host amateur strip nights.  Check out some of my favorite shots of amateurs taking it off, some for the first time, on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

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