Sunday, August 10, 2008

Favorite Blast From The Past for August 10th Peter Gallagher

Yes, many know actor Peter Gallagher from The OC, but in the early 80's he was an up and coming teen hearthrob, known equally for his beauty and his talent. Peter starred in movies such as The IdolMaker, Dreamchild, Long Days Journey Into Night and the classic Summer Lovers. Peter went on to star in some pretty big movies, Sex Lies And Video Tape, The Player, To Gillian on her 37th Birthday, While You Were Sleeping and American Beauty to name a few. He was pure perfection with that dark hair, cute bod and voice. Most adult actors who play parents on teen shows usually slip to the back of the canvus, but Gallager managed to remain important to the OC continuing to put in some great performance. Here is to Peter Gallagher, now and then.

Peter in Summer Lovers (1982)

I am pretty sure this last pic is a fake, but quite a nice one.

Thanks to Lost In The Attic for some of the SL Caps.

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