Sunday, September 28, 2008

Favorite Import of the Day: Thierry Pepin

Canadian hottie (hottie does not quite describe the sexual heat which comes off any magazine page or computer screan that Thierry Pepin is in.) From Montreal, Thierry is a model and actor. Signed with Major Model Management, Thierry has been working steadily on campains the past few years, the most recent being 3G underwear based out of Quebec. Thierry has the most amazing hair, eyes and lips which are a sharp contrast to most other male models which is why he stands out so much. Thierry has a well built body, larger than the most other models on the runway, yet from the pics I have seen, he is usually the hottest while strutting down the runway.

Check out more Thierry at Major Models HERE:
Check out his official site HERE: with tons of great pics and information.

Thierry in 'Danny In The Sky'.

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