Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Because: Simon Baker

Simon Baker was certainly the hottest man in my eyes at last weeks Golden Globes. In a room full of the biggest names in TV and Movies, none came close to looking as great as Simon.

It is great to see Simon getting the attention he deserves with the success of 'The Mentalist'. Simon has alway attracted devoted fans, and many of us have known for years of his talent. We also know how he can drive us crazy with his killer looks and smile. It is great he finally has a show that will last for awhile. I have posted many of these pics before, but there is lots more on Simon on the Blog if you do a search. Congrats Simon!

Simon in 'Book of Love' (2004).

Simon in 'Secret Men's Business' (1999).


Anonymous said...

He has beautiful hair.

Anonymous said...

Amongst other parts.

Alan down in Florida

Anonymous said...

Great actor, nice smile, and great butt!