Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday: Stephen Shellen

Yesterday was Canadian actor Stephen Shellen's birthday but I decided to wait and post today as I did not have the time to find my DVD of 'A River Runs Through It'. I have loved Stephen since the late 80's when I remember seeing him all over movies and tv in projects such as 'Casual Sex', '21 Jump St', 'The Bodyguard' and more. Happy Birthday Stephen who turned 52 yesterday!

Above: Stephen in 'Tales From The Crypt'

Below: Stephen in 'A River Runs Through It' (1992).

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Anonymous said...

Hey thanks, funny huh, I seem to be either disappearing off the 'net' or I have comedy videos reloaded and being called mentally ill, haha. Oh well, welcome to the wonderful world of targeting.
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